Zero Jewels – Unica Collection

The Unica necklace, by Zero Jewels, is not just a necklace. It allows you to keep your memories (photo, video or audio) in your jewel and revive them whenever you want. You just need to place your smart-necklace in front a cell phone with NFC and your memories will show up like magic.

Zero Jewels is a start-up that brings the power of technology to beauty accessories by creating smart jewels. All jewels are designed and made in Spain with high quality materials.

We based the design of the brand and its packaging on the concept of aura. Concentric circles represent this aura, something similar to the path that data follows to bring out the image or video from the smart jewel. Something invisible, magic, and organic, that fades in and out just like memories do. In terms of the graphic approach, the challenge was to communicate the beauty-technology bond maintaining a good balance. The aesthetic is clean and sophisticated, combining a neon color and dark blue with white, color that relates to perfection. Symmetry is key to achieve elegance and clarity.

Zero Jewels is an e-commerce start-up, which means that the packaging is the first-ever physical touch point with the brand for the customer. We knew it was key to create a pleasant and memorable unboxing experience that engaged the senses and created a positive experience for the receiver of the package. The result is a box that required the receiver to go through different steps before getting to see the jewel. The outer box is seductively smooth and sheer. This box slides off with ease showing two sheets of silk paper that the guest opens like a door revealing the jewel. This main piece of the packaging contains also a small booklet and a pocket underneath with different laces to combine with the jewel depending on the outfit of the day. The upper section, custom made for the necklace, is interchangeable, allowing Zero Jewels to reuse the rest of the box and the booklet if needed.

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