URSA Christmas Greetings

URSA’s products wouldn’t make a difference if it weren’t for the key collaboration of URSA’s employees and stakeholders. Individuals with the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure quality in every project and excellence in every product. The collaboration of each of these persons make possible a better world achieved through sustainable buildings.

URSA is one of the major insulation manufacturers in Europe, focusing on glass mineral wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS) as solutions for insulating residential and non-residential buildings. URSA, headquartered in the center of Madrid, has 13 production sites in 8 countries and a commercial presence in about 50 markets around the world.


Every Christmas season, we create a message to thank URSA’s employees and stakeholders for their hard work throughout the year. For this year’s message, we created an interactive website focusing on the importance of the work developed by URSA’s employees. The website was translated into 25 different languages.

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