‘Emerging Design Month’ Fashion Exhibition

The month-long exhibition dedicated to promote the work of the most talented young fashion designers of Spain, is organized every year by the Museo del Traje of Madrid.

Museo del Traje is a museum located in Madrid. With almost 30.000 attire pieces, its collections range from fashion and costumes from the Middle Ages to clothes by Spain’s contemporary fashion designers.

The identity combines two different fonts that intertwine, partially covering sections of each other. The serif typeface establishes direct connection with the Museum’s identity, while the curvy lettering stays free, in movement, expressing diversity and applying cutting-edge aesthetics. The curvy lettering adopts different shapes for the same letter in each of the visuals. This flexibility relates to the concepts of exploration and surprise, being these key attributes of the creations exhibited at the show. Movement is also present in the background of each visual, formed by different images of textile texture that create a visual link with the industry of fashion.

We choose a black and white color palette to make the identity feel at ease in the museum’s environment, an space with a dim illumination and an inherent elegance.

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