Manolo Tena

The latest album by Manolo Tena represents a breakup between two periods of his life: having won the battle against addiction, Manolo Tena releases his album “Casualidades” to celebrate the beginning of a new period of his life.

Manolo Tena, singer and songwriter, was one of the most popular artists of Madrid’s rock scene during the 80’s. At the beginning of his career he played in bands that fused rock & roll and theater, at times being censured by Spain’s dictatorship. Among his most acclaimed hits are ‘Frío’, ‘Tocar Madera’ and ‘Sangre Española’, songs that won him popularity amongst the Spanish music scene. He also wrote numerous hits for artists like Ana Belen, Luz Casal, Rosario Flores and Ricky Martin.

We used the tearing effect to represent this breakup, making allusion to the street rock that has accompanied the artist through bad and good times. The album booklet is conceived as an artist book in which each of the songs are a unique piece described through a visual poem. We designed and photographed custom still life scenes using daily objects to tell Tena’s story with a colourful approach that resembles his attitude during this new period.


Promotional campaign

Apart from designing the album itself, we also developed promotional materials for the release and for the premiere of his biographic documentary. Among other projects, we contributed on the animated introduction to the documentary. We also contributed on posters, invitations, t-shirts and other graphic materials that decorated the premiere event.

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