Your salt

We’re all about personal relations. We work for amazing companies. What makes us get out of bed in the morning is knowing that we’re really making a difference and that our clients are proud to work with us.

We’re incredibly grateful to all the people who not only give us the opportunity to work on cool projects, helping us grow as designers, but who also make our day-to-day work fun and interesting.

We at Cocota Studio develop at least one self-initiated project a year, usually inspired by solving a problem we’ve picked up on or an idea we find challenging.

When we started thinking about a way to say ‘thank you’ to our clients, all the ideas that came to mind seemed too generic and not personal enough. We take our clients’ confidence in us very seriously, and we knew what wanted to say: a simple ‘Hey Sarah, thank you. It was great working with you and receiving your “good morning” emails dozens of times over the year. And of course, it’s not just that you’re nice – we also make a great team, and we’re really making a difference together, aren’t we?’

But you know … we’re designers, so we wanted the message to look nice …

So we started looking for a high-quality cooking ingredient that represented the way we work: dedicating a long time to the exploration phase of each project and focusing on the user, to find a unique solution with a perfect fit for our clients’ needs.

And this is how we found the perfect gift …

Sal de Hierbas Encantada is a small business run by Lucía and Cecilia from the enchanted city of Cuenca, Spain. They create with their own hands a unique, organic spiced salt that gives a different touch to any meal.

We thought that this circle of people working with love and paying attention to every detail was super. So we asked them to produce 150 jars for us, and we customised the packaging with each one of our clients in mind. We really wanted the “You’re special to us” message to come across, so we included the name of each of our clients on the labels, plus a silver “quality” stamp. And we created the “Salt for those with an eye for detail” sticker on top of the jar to make it clear we belong to the same club.

For the outer box, we picked a brown corrugated cardboard with a simple print, delivering great product protection as well as representing an honest approach to materials that we feel reflects our personality.

After the great success of this experiment, we decided to produce another batch of salts to give away to some people we admire or would like to invite to our club. Or maybe it’s just that we love making gifts.

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