We were approached by the director of Crustó to help with their ambitious plan to grow, as the company was planning to open two new spaces in Madrid thus transforming into a more sophisticated and cosmopolitan brand.

Crustó is a leading Spanish bakery and multi-space coffee shop that produces premium artisan bread and pastries. Crustó runs 10+ coffee shops in Madrid and Barcelona. Their spaces are cosmopolitan and include bread and bakery workshops in public view.

Concept and identity

Crustó finds perfection in the mix between symmetric geometry and hand-made, artisan production. We kept the existing brand logo but evolved it with the addition of a box containing the key words of the business: bread, pastries and snacks. A pattern inspired by the shape of wheat ears became the key visual device of the newly designed identity. Symmetry and geometry is present not only in the natural form of this raw material, the wheat, but also in various decoration elements throughout the new Crustó spaces, designed by the interior design studio “Madrid in Love”.

Typography and lettering

Two typefaces were chosen to represent the brand. The geometric-style and form functional Brandon Grotesque; and Spaghettina, a graceful typeface with “ball terminals” designed by Chelen Écija, to add charm and credibility to the identity.

Blackboards painted by hand, custom lettering applied to facade decoration and bakery workshops in public view serve as representations of the authentic personality of the company: a multi-store brand that far from behaving like a bakery chain, keeps the production completely artisan, from beginning to baked, offering premium and artisan bread at each of their coffee shops.



We have designed numerous materials for the different touch points of the brand, including packaging, facade decoration, restroom signage and corporate vans.

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