Amadeus Global Report VIP card

As part of the communication campaign of the Amadeus Global Report 2017, the CEO office asked us to design a nice and simple paper piece to communicate the launch of the report to a limited selection of stakeholders.

Amadeus provides IT solutions to the global travel and tourism industry. Amadeus operates in 195 countries with a worldwide team of more than 11,000 people.

We designed a custom tear-off envelope that opened up completely to show a thick offset-paper card with a lid emboss. The USB with a digital version of the Amadeus Global Report 2017 was inserted in the card.

After years giving support to the Amadeus Sustainability team in the creation of their global reports, which comprises their annual and sustainability reports in one single document, it was a pleasure to work on the communication campaign of the Amadeus Global Report 2017. Our goal in the development of the communication campaign was to maximize the use of all the internal resources to communicate the launch and content of the Global Report. As a result, there was a noteworthy increase in the visibility of the report and the involvement of some countries in its local communication.

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