Amadeus Global Report VIP card

A premium mailing from Amadeus

We’ve partnered with Amadeus for years in the creation of their global report – a two-in-one of their annual and sustainability reports. So we were psyched to work on their 2017 and 2018 dissemination campaigns for the report. Our mission: to design a simple note announcing the launch of the report to key stakeholders.

Sobre Amadeus

Amadeus provides IT solutions to the global travel and tourism industry, with a footprint in 195 countries and a worldwide team of more than 11,000 people.

Production challenges

We needed to create a piece that was unpretentious but physically robust enough to hold a USB device containing the report. For both years, we chose slim pen drive models and designed a thick offset paper card with a cut-out to hold the drives. We used custom envelopes for a splash of colour and to contrast with the piece inside, and printed in offset for a high-quality finish.

Internal campaign

Our goal in the dissemination of the report within Amadeus was to maximise the use of all the internal resources to communicate its launch and content. We were very happy to see a notable increase in the visibility of the report and the involvement of country offices in its local dissemination.

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